How much do wedding marquees cost?

The stock answer to this is normally “how long is a piece of string”.

Not a very useful answer, but in a way the correct one. The variety of marquee shapes, sizes and style alone mean it’s difficult to say with certainty what a basic cost would be. Add to that choices for furniture design, colours and interior finishing styles and that difficulty become almost impossible.


Let’s just assume there is a basic set of requirements that fulfil most couple’s needs and wants.

As an example, you could start with the number of guests; say 80 for daytime and an additional 20 for the evening celebrations.

The guests will need tables and chairs. You will probably want space for a dance floor and bar.

With that information, we can give you a basic specification and cost for a marquee that accommodates the above.

We would recommend;

  • 9m x 18m marquee
  • solid floor
  • carpet
  • drapes
  • lighting
  • entrance doors
  • tables and chairs
  • dancefloor
  • bar front

And finally the cost, £2,300 plus vat.

For more information and a more detailed quotation based on your exact needs, please contact our company for details.