You would have to be a total hermit not to have noticed the huge increase in beer and gin festivals over the past few years. The North West is no stranger to a good knees-up, with Northern folk keen to embrace social occasions, being the friendly types that they are. The North West of England has a reputation for its friendliness and most of these occasions are not to be missed.
The huge upswing in gin and beer festivals means that pubs and other establishments are now often unable to accommodate the hoards of people that flock to their special events, especially in the good weather. Many of these venues are taking advantage of this popular trend and hiring in marquees to manage the numbers of people that attend.
The festivals often cover a few days and marquees are a perfect way to ensure that your customers and guests are happy day and evening. Marquees are big enough to accommodate the biggest of bars, allowing the largest selection of drinks and there is plenty of space inside for a band and of course, lots and lots of people. The weather in this part of the country is as unreliable as anywhere else and the last thing you want is for your event to flop after all your careful planning. Nobody wants to stand sipping a chilled glass of Prosecco in zero degrees or a downpour. Marquees mean that your customers can enjoy your planning and hospitality in warmth and comfort and you can plan the perfect event, knowing that whatever the weather, it will be a success.
This is a market that can only grow steadily. If only you knew what the next trend would be!

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