How much do wedding marquees cost

How much do wedding marquees cost?

The stock answer to this is normally “how long is a piece of string”.

Not a very useful answer, but in a way the correct one. The variety of marquee shapes, sizes and style alone mean it’s difficult to say with certainty what a basic cost would be. Add to that choices for furniture design, colours and interior finishing styles and that difficulty become almost impossible.


Let’s just assume there is a basic set of requirements that fulfil most couple’s needs and wants.

As an example, you could start with the number of guests; say 80 for daytime and an additional 20 for the evening celebrations.

The guests will need tables and chairs. You will probably want space for a dance floor and bar.

With that information, we can give you a basic specification and cost for a marquee that accommodates the above.

We would recommend;

  • 9m x 18m marquee
  • solid floor
  • carpet
  • drapes
  • lighting
  • entrance doors
  • tables and chairs
  • dancefloor
  • bar front

And finally the cost, £2,300 plus vat.

For more information and a more detailed quotation based on your exact needs, please contact our company for details.


Coronavirus Testing Centre Marquees

Astra Marquees were pleased to be asked to provide the cover at the Coronavirus test centre in Bidston. We are also providing long term canteen facilities at a major supermarket factory to help workers to stay safe. In addition Chatsworth Farm Shop staff are keeping socially distanced whilst supplying local people with food orders. If we can help you to move your production onto the next stage please don’t hesitate to call.

10 Reasons to choose a marquee wedding

  1. Choose your venue.
  2. A marquee wedding needs space, that’s it! You can have this at your home, your parent’s home or anyone’s house who has the space and will allow the use. Alternatively, find a field; be it on a farm, overlooking the coast or a river. Pick somewhere that means something to you. Have a look at our venues page Click here.Lots of wedding venues which allow marquees often have accommodation available as well.  This gives you, your family and friends time to spend the whole day, night and following morning together. You can even make it a short break if the venue allows.

  3. Choose your layout
  4. We will work with you to make sure you get the interior layout you want. You can choose where the tables and chairs go, how they are ordered and even what size and shape they are. For your evening celebrations, you can choose to have a separate space or even a separate marquee. With thought and design, we will make sure that the layout is best for you and your guests during the daytime and the night time festivities.

  5. Create your own theme
  6. One of the biggest advantages of a marquee is that you can pick and choose your style and colours. From the choice of marquee layout, the furniture you use and the accessories you can include, all this allows you the chance to make your day as individual as you are. And don’t panic, if design isn’t your strength we can introduce you to people who can help you with this.

  7. Flexibility with your guest numbers
  8. Assuming you have the space available for the marquee, you can choose how many guests you invite.  You are not limited by the room size; we can just make it bigger. Whether you want an intimate wedding with just family and close friends or want a huge festival style wedding, we can help you to achieve what you want.

  9. Budget
  10. A marquee wedding can work out more cost effective than a hotel, especially for your guests. This is one of the areas where we encourage you to look at the bigger picture. Building a marquee may be more expensive that hiring a venue. You need to bring everything in from the kitchen to the flooring. However that allows you such flexibility. You can use any supplier you want; BBQ the next day, no problem. Have last minute extra guests – you can potentially make the marquee bigger which you definitely can’t do in a regular venue. We find that the flexibility, the personal feel and the ability to choose your location makes the cost worthwhile. Feeling daunted? We can definitely help; we love nothing more than planning. Call us now for a free consultation.

  11. Suppliers
  12. . You get to choose each one for what you want. Often if you go to a fixed venue, the suppliers are all on a ‘list’ with many venues asking for a commission from each supplier, making your overall bill more expensive. You can have whomever you want to have for each particular service. You may also choose to work with the team that often work with as that will make planning and control of your big day easier as all the companies have often worked together. It’s your choice!

  13. Choose your own caterer and bar supplier
  14. The ability to choose our own caterer allows you total flexibility over what and when you eat. Whether you want pizzas or a luxury fine dining experience, there will be an outside caterer who can supply you. For drinks, you have the option of supplying your own and just getting help to staff a bar or hire in a specialist company to run one for you. There is amazing array of suppliers out there and if you need help identifying them, ask for our help. We can put you in touch with people we have worked with and trust. Spend time looking around and don’t forget to ask for tasting sessions!

  15. Entertainment
  16. After your wedding formalities, it’s party time and you want to celebrate. The choice over how you do that is yours. Choose a DJ, a soloist or a huge band, it’s up to you. You can mix it up; background music on arrival, a soloist whilst having dinner and a band and/or DJ for the evening. Again, there is a limitless amount of talent out there. Ask your family and friends for their recommendations; they should know what you will like.

  17. With a marquee wedding there are no rules!
  18. If you want to do your own thing, then a marquee wedding is the way to go. You can set the timetable and make it as formal or informal as you like. It’s your day, you choose how you want to spend it.

  19. You set the start and end times.
  20. This is where the flexibility of effectively having your own venue comes into its own. If you want your guests to arrive early and enjoy an aperitif and a canape and then mingle whilst the photos are taken, you can arrive as early as you like. At the other end of the day, having a marquee wedding allows you to set the end time. It can be midnight or into the small hours of the morning. Some venues will have an end time, so please do make sure you pick one that suits your timetable.

One last thing, you don’t want to have to get up early the next day and tidy up! Get someone else to do it. If you’re stuck, ask us and we’ll help you arrange that last detail.

Temporary Canteen Marquees

Temporary Canteen Structures.
Astra Marquees can provide you a structure that may suit your needs if you require more space for a larger canteen area. Due to the Governments social guidelines, many existing company canteens are just not large enough for the number of personnel wanting to use them.

We can help!

We can provide structures that will allow seating arrangements to meet the guidelines with capacities from 10 through to 100 staff. We can also provide tables and chairs suitable for 1 person only.

Our marquees can be installed on most level surfaces, including car parks.
If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the structure.

Call Ray on 07861 795064

Social distancing solution

We can provide marquees that can be used for additional space for social distancing (canteens, changing rooms, assembly and collection points), storage and shelter.


We have marquees from 3m wide to 15m wide, with lengths up to 72m that can be erected on grass or hard-standing. They can have floor, lighting, fire doors and heating installed, if required.  

If you need to work with a local ‘can do’ company that can provide marquees and equipment for your needs, please contact us.
0151 201 9129

Finsa Event in Birkenhead Park

We really enjoy working with local businesses to help them host their events. We recently had the pleasure of working with Finsa for their exhibition in Birkenhead Park recently. We also like the feedback we get. Here is their testimonial.


“Thank you for being so bloody awesome!!!


When I was asked to set up a public exhibition in a public park and I was in need of a marquee, Astra Marquees had been recommended by Wirral Council.

From the first phone call with Ray to sitting down him and telling him what I needed to achieve, right through to delivering on the day and to the dismantling on the close – Astra Marquees have been fabulous.


I relied on Ray’s experience and knowledge to ensure I had the right sized marquee, to have it adequately heated and for it to be comfortable enough for 120 people. He did all this and more.

Weather was against us, and threw up challenges with our catering option (to have food prepared off site and transported in) and ay stepped in to help last minute. With a few minor adjustments he had created a portioned area for our cater who was delighted. We even had a transport issue with our exhibition (our truck broke down) and Ray and his team stepped in to help transport our awkwardly shaped exhibition frames on and off site. Nothing proved to be a problem for him.


Of all the things I worried about over this exhibition – it was not the marquee, nor the heating, nor the weather – because I had Ray on my side.

Thanks to Astra Marquees for helping deliver a successful exhibition and a very successful symposium. We had 120 very happy delegates who thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Thanks for the moral support, the advice and the help.


Until next time,



If you need to work with a local ‘can do’ company that can provide marquees and equipment for your event, please contact us.
0151 201 9129